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In any company, and particularly in a services company such as MEDACO, the right personnel are the key ingredients in success. MEDACO'S bilingual staff has experience in Western corporate practices and the territory, and are familiar with local and administrative matters. MEDACO staff are equipped with the necessary skills to properly support products and projects in the Region, great emphasis is placed on the provision of effective training. Aside from in-house staff, MEDACO has ready access to an established network of professional resources which may be drawn on as necessary. Brief resumes of some key MEDACO staff are provided below:


Jack Z. Levis

Jack Levis is the Project Manager for energy and industrial related projects in Greece, a position which he has held since 1987. During his time with MEDACO, significant consultancy and engineering projects have been completed in collaboration with Stone & Webster and Process Systems Inc. Prior to joining MEDACO, Mr. Levis served for 33 years in the Public Power Corporation (PPC) of Greece. Upon leaving he held the post of Director of Distribution Operations, with full responsibility for distribution operations, organizational issues and commercial activities. He started his career in PPC as a member of the team responsible for the technical and economic evaluation of the various Private Utilities which were subsequently acquired by PPC. Mr. Levis obtained his degree in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens.

John K. Menoudakos

John K. Menoudakos directs the operations of MEDACO. He was born and had his schooling in Greece and moved to USA in 1957 for advanced studies. Upon receiving his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Sciences and Engineering from New York University, he worked for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey for 7 years.
For the following 15 years, Mr. Menoudakos worked for Control Data Corporation and for 10 years held the position of Vice President, Control Data Middle East, Inc., the subsidiary responsible for developing and managing the firm's Middle East and Africa operations. During this time he was responsible for the creation of a joint venture manufacturing company in Iran, and for a variety of control and management information systems contracts with major Regional oil and gas companies. Other major achievements during his time at Control Data include the implementation of the National Energy Control Center project for the Egyptian Electricity Authority and the award of a large information system contract for the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Defense and Civil Aviation. This depth of experience and cross-cultural background has given Mr. Menoudakos a unique appreciation of the culture and business practices which are essential to success in the Region.

Paul J. Smith

Paul Smith joined MEDACO in 1992 and is responsible for business development for automation projects and other industry related activities in Greece, Cyprus and Egypt. Prior to joining MEDACO, Mr. Smith worked for the Chemicals division of British Petroleum in the United Kingdom, during which time his responsibilities included commissioning support and engineering studies on bulk chemicals facilities, instrumentation projects, process simulation and work on plant-wide Management Information Systems. Mr. Smith also has experience in the steel industry from time with the engineering department of one of British Steel's major integrated plants. He received his M. Eng. degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Nottingham in the U.K., and is a Member of the Institution of Chemical Engineers and of the Technical Chamber of Greece.

Adel Sami

Adel Sami, based in Cairo, is responsible for sales and marketing activities for MEDACO in Egypt. Mr, Sami joined MEDACO in 2002 from a local marketing consultancy firm, and has over 15 years business development related experience with emphasis on the electric utility market. His experience covers a wide range of projects in the power generation, and electricity transmission and distribution sectors. Mr. Sami has a Bachelor of Science degree from Cairo University in Egypt.

Hamdi M. Shaaban

Hamdy Shaaban forms part of MEDACO'S field engineering and technical support team in Saudi Arabia. During his time with MEDACO Mr. Shaaban has gained several years experience in SCADA System and RTU projects. Prior to joining MEDACO Mr. Shaaban was employed in Egypt by Kahromika, a leading engineering contractor, initially as lead foreman for the installation, testing and start-up of the National Energy Control Center (NECC) project for the Egyptian Electricity Authority. He subsequently held the position of Assistant Manager for the expansion of the NECC EMS/SCADA System and upon leaving was Manager for installation and maintenance of the NECC. Mr. Shaaban has a degree in Communications and Electronic Engineering from Helwan University in Egypt.

John L. Georgacopoulos

John Georgacopoulos joined MEDACO in 2001 as Senior Systems Engineer, with responsibility for customer technical support, and new business development. John has over 25 years of control systems experience, internationally in Australia and the Far East, and for the past 17 years in Greece. Most recently he was responsible for the instrumentation and control department of Asprofos Engineering, the largest engineering firm in Greece, and part of the Hellenic Petroleum group of companies. His experience spans the full range of the hydrocarbon industries, from upstream oil & gas, pipelines, refining and petrochemicals.

Magdi M. Mohamed

Magdi Mostafa Mohamed joined Medaco in 1998 and is currently assigned to MEDACO’s field engineering team for major SCADA system projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Prior to working for MEDACO, Mr. Mohamed was employed as a Project Manager by Kahromika of Egypt, a large electrical engineering contractor. In particular, Mr. Mohamed was assigned to manage the installation of the SCADA system, RTUs and ancillary equipment for the Cairo East Distribution Control Center project. His responsibilities in this role include: site survey, project planning, and overall site responsibility for erections, wiring, testing, and commissioning. Earlier activities included project management and site installation of distribution substation projects. Mr. Mohamed holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Electrical Engineering.

Nikos M. Monezis

Nikos Monezis joined Medaco in May 2006 and is responsible for field project support of automation and other industry related activities in Greece, Cyprus and Saudi Arabia. Mr. Monezis has over 9 years experience in BMS, PLC and SCADA control projects. He has participated in the proposal preparation, contractual negotiations, detailed engineering and site coordination activities related to Invensys SCADA systems installations in Saudi Arabia. Nikos was trained by Invensys Italy on the I/A DCS system H/W and S/W, participated in DCS FAT, installation, power-up, system checks and assistance in corrective maintenance activities. He is presently active in providing installation, commissioning support for a new Invensys DCS/ESD system for Aluminum De Greece.

Stavros P. Boglou

Mr. Boglou has over ten years of experience in the automation industry, programming PLC’s and motion controllers. He received his Electrical Engineering degree from the University of New York, and his M.S. in Engineering Management from the State University of California. Mr. Boglou joined Medaco and is involved with project support in the field or remotely for automation and other industry related activities in Greece, Cyprus and Saudi Arabia. He has received formal training on Invensys I/A DCS and Triconex ESD systems at Invensys Foxboro and Triconex Houston in the USA respectively. He has already been involved with two Invensys projects, one in the energy sector (AdG) and the other in the chemical sector (PFI), both using the Invensys I/A DCS system.

Administrative Staff

Maria Balou

Maria Balou joined MEDACO in 1990 and is responsible for home office support functions including travel and visit arrangements, production of marketing materials, administration support for field projects, and general secretarial support. Mrs. Balou is fluent in English and Greek.

Sofia Vadiaka

Sofia Vadiaka joined MEDACO in 1990 and is responsible for support of Medaco's instrumentation products customers, including proposal preparation, order entry, coordination of deliveries, spare parts administration and general customer service. Mrs. Vadiaka is fluent in English and Greek.

Teta N. Stavropoulou

Teta Stavropoulou joined MEDACO in 1990. As the company accountant, she is responsible for all billing and financial functions of the company; including invoicing, payments, receivables, etc. Mrs. Stavropoulou is fluent in both English and Greek.

Kostas Georgiadis

Kostas Georgiadis joined MEDACO in 1990 and is responsible for company transportation and logistics. He provides assistance to clients visiting Athens and supports the accounting department in the administration of customer orders, including customs clearance, storage, packaging/handling, and deliveries. Mr. Georgiadis is fluent in both English and Greek.

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